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Quinta da Tapada de São Pedro breathes history, rooted in an old Roman stone-walled realm embodying the concept of “Tapada”. Its vast centennial olive grove has serenely witnessed the ceaseless evolution in the local environment and society, and continues to watch on as the sheep and goats wander around under the canopies.

Additionally, the orchards and agricultural gardens provide fresh fruits, vegetables and even aromatic herbs for a delightful evening tea.

The carefully restored houses within the Quinta are deeply influenced by the typical Alentejo architecture, and all accommodations contain traditional features evocative of the farm heritage, while endowed with the modern comforts.

A diversity of activities is available at the Quinta, as the guests are welcome to enjoy the swimming pool, the vast leisure and agricultural gardens, and the overall authenticity of a traditional homestead in the Alentejo countryside. In the surroundings, walking and cycling routes lead to paths of historical, natural and gastronomical discovery.

Nested within one of the most important cultural and gastronomical routes of Portugal, Quinta da Tapada de São Pedro is located in the agricultural reserve of Vimieiro, a mere 10-minute walk from the village centre.

Vimieiro lies within easy reach of other traditional Alentejo settlements with historical castles and quaint whitewashed houses, such as: the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Évora (25-minute drive) and Elvas (45 minutes), the town of Estremoz (15 minutes) and the villages of Arraiolos and Évora-Monte (10 minutes).

Along with traditional settlements with well-known historical castles and churches, the region conceals far more ancient secrets. Traces of a megalithic legacy can be found dispersed across the region, including menhirs and dolmens, patiently waiting for those who come to their rediscovery, rescuing them from an oblivious solitude.

While situated in the deep Alentejo interior, the Quinta is also within easy reach of navigable lakes (Alqueva, Montargil, Maranhão), and the renowned Fluviarium of Mora. The Atlantic coast is reachable in one hour via National Road and Motorway connections.

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